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Consulting and advisory services

Looking for a partner who understood location-based mobile solutions, has an excellent knowledge about development and future direction of mobile devices, and even more is involved in the development of Czech Location-based Services? Call us for a personal meeting to convince about the range of advisory and media consultancy we provide.

Presentation of drafts of mobile communications strategy includes all the key parameters needed for its execution. Cooperation with you is very important. Trust us and give us input on the current situation, plans and objectives of your brand, product or service. Only then our strategies will work.

Mobile communication strategy

  • Planning activities
  • Definitions of key targets
  • Determining the target group
  • Design a suitable text SMS
  • Setting the optimal budget
  • Campaign phases
  • Creating a mobile communication plan
  • Effective coordination of cross-media campaigns


Trainings, seminars and workshops in 2011


We would like to inform you about our plans in the mobile marketing education events.

This year we are going to support the application user base through organization of various events. We are going to improve users´ knowledge about location-based mobile services, platform beevendo and opportunities which mobile marketing and communication brings.

We want to offer as much information as possible and that´s why we are planning trainings, seminars and workshops with users, marketers and experts.

Your opinions and experience, discussions about location-based mobile marketing and its future on the Czech market or success case studies presentations will be very valuable source not only for our platform development but mostly for location-based mobile services field.

We will publish terms of all events on our website, Facebook and newsletters regularly. If you want to receive our newsletter please subscribe via our registration form.

beevendo at a glance

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    Precise determined locations

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    Effective reach of target audiences

  • 3

    Boost brand awareness

  • 4

    Strong sales promotion

  • 5

    Cost effectiveness - Pay Per Message

  • 6

    Conversion rates measurement

  We were pleasantly surprised by the fast and accommodating reaction of our customers.  

Petr Doležal
Director of Schlecker a.s.


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