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For maximum efficiency we have developed an online application that can easily define all the parameters required to setting up mobile campaigns.

For each campaign you can set up:
  • location
  • precise dates and hours
  • target group
  • advertising message

Platform beevendo ensures that each relevant advertising SMS / MMS message will be delivered to a potential customer which will be located at any given time in any place and will match the target group.

Your campaign is becoming active at the moment of its start. Once the customer enters the selected area for the campaign mobile operator will send information about entering to the system beevendo. The system evaluates a report about entering the location with regard to running campaigns and delivers campaign´s relevant advertising message that is active at a given time and location and corresponds to the target group.

Flexibility and effective reach

Online application is an unique media tool with respect to the flexibility of setting adjustments in campaigns and precision targeting only those customers who are at that time located in the right place and can therefore immediately respond to the received message content.
Application solve situations where you need to respond quickly to changes in the product promotion. Changing campaign´s parameters (time, place, target group or content of SMS) is the matter of couple of minutes in comparison to other advertising media where the execution is very time-consuming and if there are any changes during the campaign then it is very difficult and expensive to make change.

Mobile campaigns budget

We do not require neither initial registration fees nor lump sum fees, you only pay for advertising messages delivered - system so called Pay Per Message.
Through the application you can set up spending limits for particular campaigns, within monthly, weekly and daily limits. Setting up limits can be changed at any time during ongoing campaign or according to the current goals and needs of the campaign. This process enables you to achieve full control over the budget.
Find more details about the campaign management and settings here.



A very important part of media planning is reporting. Applications beevendo offers very detailed and accurate monitoring both during the ongoing campaign and after its finishing. Reporting can be monitored by particular hours and dates when the messages are delivered in different locations according to the target group of the campaign.
Also the spending limits can be adjusted according to the advertising messages traffic. Campaign budget can be quickly and flexibly moved to the from the campaign which does not show the necessary traffic to another campaign that exceeds the spends originally planned. Reporting is well arranged in the form of graphs or MS Excel charts and you can edit the data necessary for campaign evaluation.

beevendo at a glance

  • 1

    Precise determined locations

  • 2

    Effective reach of target audiences

  • 3

    Boost brand awareness

  • 4

    Strong sales promotion

  • 5

    Cost effectiveness - Pay Per Message

  • 6

    Conversion rates measurement

  Reaction to SMS messages was, indeed, very fast, we started to see first customers only a few minutes after launching the campaign. 

Petr Doležal
Director of Schlecker a.s.


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