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About us

Company beevendo Ltd. is a dynamically developing company in the field of modern communication technologies. We offer comprehensive services in the field of location-based mobile marketing. We have built a stable position and still achieve a higher share of this market in the Czech Republic.

Our clearly defined strategy of an unique innovative offer is based on the individual needs of our clients. The aim is to promote radical changes in the Czech mobile advertising market and mobile marketing price to make every client who needs to advertise its products or services through the modern channel.
Currently, the further development is directed primarily to other activities which are closely related with location mobile technology. The quality of service we are facingshortages, with which you can occasionally meet and also to create a stable basis for a new field of geolocation services on the Czech market.
Company intends to purposefully contribute to continuous improvement, and therefore constantly maintain a high standard of services offered. In its development continuously allocate a substantial portion of the generated profit. Investment while concentrating on the upgrading of technical facilities and personnel in skills. We have an extremely high-quality teams of workers in the relevant fields. Technological development is oriented toward the company as determined global trends and possibilities of the Czech market. We are fully aware of the fact that only a company with new technology can expand its operations and meet the demanding needs of the rapidly changing field.
Our comprehensive team experienced in the development responds to the requirements of account managers who are always ready to add surplus value consists in the emphasis on after-sales customer care. For customers to guarantee the provision of advanced services based on their individual needs. Our priority is the long-term client relationship based on mutual satisfaction.
Another plan, which is totally independent and effective use of platforms beevendo most clients and simplify their business processes and the marketing activities, we are able to perform every day. We believe that our platform beevendo fully meets the communication needs of the 21st  century and soon becomes quite natural part of our lives.


About us

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    Precise determined locations

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    Effective reach of target audiences

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    Boost brand awareness

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    Strong sales promotion

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    Cost effectiveness - Pay Per Message

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    Conversion rates measurement

  Nobody from us really expected that each fifth approached customer would come. 

Petr Doležal
Director of Schlecker a.s.


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